Dance Styles

Waltz: Lets be honest….whenever we hear slow music we hop back to the classic WALTZ. The wedding songs, the romantic ballads, all of it seems to remind us of the princess/prince dances of olde. BUT WAIT…..that’s no waltz! Waltz is a very specific dance style and few modern musicians are writing in that style anymore. So here is what to look for in a waltz: tap your foot to the beat you hear and listen for the “1”. The “1” is like the first word in a sentence to kick it off. If you can count to “8”, that is NOT a waltz. If you get to “6” and it seems to recycle there, then you have yourself a WALTZ my friend!

Swing: This is a popular dance in many places and it is good to know how to swing dance for any occasion! Keep in mind that swing dance is more of a genre than a specific dance style so knowing the type of rock music you like best will tell us which type of swing you would love best! Examples:
i. 1940s/Brian Setzer: Jitterbug
ii. Bruce Springsteen/Bon Jovi: East Coast
iii. BB King/Eric Clapton: West Coast
iv. The list goes on….

Salsa: This firey latin dance is popular in every area south of the Canadian border, and I’m sure the Canadians love it too! Salsa differs from place to place and to see it’s many faces you can travel to places like Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and most famously CUBA. This dance is easy, fast, and fun for all! A must have for Denver dancers too!

Tango: The dramatic Tango is a great dance for singles and couple alike. This conversation of the bodies is dramatic and romantic and incredibly expressive. The music is specific to the style and the dance and music combine to make an explosive expression on every dance floor. You clearly won’t be pulling your tango out on a wedding floor any time soon but you can most definitely see it done in many Denver hot spots!

Weddings: Your BIG DAY is coming!! This exciting journey is wrought with decision and things to do so we take ALL of the guess work out of that most important and memorable first dance. We will take the time to get to know you and your vision for your day and your dance. We’ll craft a plan that is unique to you AND we’ll help bring it to life step by step.

Ballroom: When people think “ballroom dance” they think old waltzes and stuffy dance halls. TIMES HAVE CHANGED!!!! Technically “ballroom” means partner dancing! When you look for dance lessons and see ballroom remember…that means SALSA and SWING too! We teach ALL the partner styles from Country Two Step to Foxtrot!

Competition: When you are ready to take your dancing to the next level we always encourage you to take a look at performance or competition. We will NEVER require you nor push you to compete or perform, but if competition does catch your eye talk to your instructor. We arrange dance choreography, attire, payment schedules, and travel to some pretty cool locations around the nation and around the world!
Lets take off the “other styles” option unless there is something I’m missing. It seems like too much.

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