Dance Lessons for Singles

At Destiny Dance Studio our private dance lessons for singles are the best way for you to experience many styles of dance and get that one on one attention. Our private dance lessons are a fun experience for you as you dance directly with your instructor and learn steps, techniques, and styling that you can take anywhere.

Private singles dance classes are one-on-one, 45-minute sessions with a certified instructor. We will focus on the dance styles you are most interested in learning, and you progress at your own pace.

Check out our blog about Getting Started When You Don’t Have a Partner.

Sometimes we get a group of people who aren’t exactly “together” but certainly want to learn together. Our semi-private Lessons can accommodate up to 8 people and are a great way to learn something fun with your friends AND have the scheduling flexibility that comes with taking private lesson.

Whether you’re learning on your own, or you want to bring your 5 BFFs with you, we always recommend starting with a Free Introductory Private Lesson.