Hire an Instructor for your Off-Site Event

Are you hosting an event at your home or business that could use a little boost of something special? We can bring a trained dance instructor to YOU! We’ll work closely with you to plan the perfect event with dancing and fun, right at your location! Contact kim@mydestinydance.com or call 303-738-5542 to begin the process of scheduling one of our dance instructors for your next party. Below is some information to keep in mind when planning your event:

Off-Site Event Dance Instruction

What Does it Cost?

Off-site dance instruction with Destiny Dance Studio costs $102 per hour. We include travel time in our final estimate so you can budget that into your final bill. For example, if your event site is 30 minutes from the studio and you plan on hiring an instructor for one hour, you can plan for two hours total of instructor time (one hour of travel time with 30 minutes each way plus the one hour of instruction). Payment is made to your instructor at the time of the service, but you can book as far in advance as you would like!

What if I don’t have Enough Space for dancing?

We have been participating in off-site events for over 15 years and have really refined it to a science. We look at how many people you have in attendance that will participate, then we look at the space available and decide what dances are going to be the best fit for the space we have. We also can make great use of outside spaces when the weather allows. We always work to make it an enjoyable experience for your guests and will do our best to accommodate most situations. In the planning process we will spend plenty of time reviewing your space and guest list with you, if we feel it will not be a good fit in the space that you have, we’ll work with you to find reasonable alternatives.

How Long Should the Instructor Be at Our Party?

Most people find that an hour of instruction over the course of a full evening is plenty, however it depends on your vision. We will usually come in and get set up, then we’ll begin the instruction portion for about 20-30 minutes, then we’ll give everyone a break for about 5-10 minutes, then we’ll come back for another 30 minute lesson, then we’ll get everyone dancing and enjoying themselves and quietly slip out so everyone can carry on with the event. Some hosts request more instruction time, others more dancing time with the instructor present. Its your party, we are just a part of what makes your event successful.