FAQ – What you Need to Know

We’re coming to date night, what can we expect?

Date Night happens but twice a year and is a great way to enjoy time with your partner!

We will begin the evening with a brief 30 minute lesson, then we’ll host an hour of general dancing. If you have never danced before you’ll work on the dance you learned and maybe dabble in another. If you are an experienced dancer we’ll play a variety of music that you can dance to as well! Its magic, leave it to us! We provide refreshments and snacks for the evening  but recommend you combine it with a nice dinner!

We are also open to song requests! Once you’ve registered, shoot us an email at startdancingtoday@mydestinydance.com with your name and song and we’ll try our best to put it on our playlist for the evening!

How do I Sign up For a Saturday Night?

When you’re looking at our Class Calendar you can click on the “Book” link to the right of ANY class to enroll straight from our website. That’s it!

Do My Partner and I have to Switch Partners in Group Class?

NO! We will never require you to switch partners if you don’t want to. We encourage switching (when you’re comfortable doing so) only because it has some great benefits for your learning, but we will never require it.

I’m Coming in for Lessons on My Own, Will I Have Someone to Dance With?

About half of our school is made up of single dancers who would love to dance with you! Although we can’t always guarantee that we’ll have even numbers, we do try our best to rotate partners frequently so everyone gets ample opportunity to dance with a partner.

How Much Are Lessons?

There are so many types of dance lessons with Destiny Dance, pricing will vary quite a bit.

Private lessons/One-on-One lessons are priced on a sliding scale based on how long/frequently you plan to take your lessons. If you only want to take one lesson (we do not recommend this) then your cost can be up to $130 for one session. If you plan to to commit to learning this then the price per session will go down to as little as $95 per session for up to 2 people.

We offer everyone the chance to take advantage of a FREE INTRODUCTORY PRIVATE LESSON to check us out, AND we’ll go through all of our pricing options on that session so you know exactly what we do and how we do it before making any decisions about what enrollment is right for you.

Group Class drop ins are $22 per person per class. However, you can also take advantage of some great discounts with a group class punch card or a membership which can take up to $7 off the cost per group class. CLICK HERE to see the pricing options for Group Classes.

What Do I Wear to My Lessons?

We recommend wearing a hard sole shoe of some kind, this is usually a dress shoe. Avoid tennis shoes or soles with thick rubber soles as they tend to make it harder to dance. Ladies can wear up to a 3″ heel but you’re not required to wear a heel at all so stay within your comfort zone. We usually say “dress around the shoes” as your feet are what you’ll be dancing with 😀