Are group classes or private lessons better for us?

Taking dance classes can be a scary prospect for some. Even when you’re doing it with your partner, it can be a daunting task finding the class that works best for you and makes you feel comfortable. Here we’ll break down what you can expect when attending group classes versus private lessons, and we hope this helps make your decision an easy one!

Group Classes….you and a bunch of strangers learning something new that requires coordination and musicality. No problem right?

For some, the thought that others might be in the room doesn’t bother them in the least. These people usually are the ones who also bring the party everywhere they go and have no trouble getting out there and trying new things. About 40% of the US population are found to be in this category. Here is an interesting article about that if you’re like me and love to look at the stats!

These people tend to do very well in group class settings since they don’t really mind the potential observers or crowds.

The other 60% may fall into a range from hermetically shy to mildly reserved. These people will usually gravitate towards private lessons in order to limit the crowd or potential observers to just themselves and their instructor. However, even in this case, most studios will host multiple private lessons in one room at any given hour.

Add to the mix the inevitable mix of shy and outgoing couples that come to dance together and we now have a big sticking point on our hands! One wants the group atmosphere with the social engagement, the other can’t stand the thought of other people staring at them. This is so common that we could write novels about this….however for the sake of brevity we’ll say two things:

1) EVERYONE feels this way at first. Shy people think that everyone is watching them and judging their abilities, however it is impossible for them to be judging you AND worrying about being judged themselves. This is next level thinking that just doesn’t show up as often as we believe.

2) EVERYONE is learning. You’re in a dance SCHOOL not a dance competition. If you were the best at what you are doing, we’d be out of a job. You come to dance classes to learn how to dance better. Try and keep the perspective and the rest seems to settle itself!

So to answer the question…without really answering the question, whether you’re the outgoing type or the shy type, both styles of instruction will benefit you in the end. The social connections you make when you attend group dance classes can turn into friendships that last a lifetime and build the comradery that takes away the self-consciousness! Private lessons can provide you with the individual attention a group class can’t give you, the individual attention you may need to become confident and skilled.

In the end, it takes a great deal of courage to step into a dance class and we’re here for you and PROUD of you! Dance instructors LOVE new faces coming to learn this magical thing that makes us all so happy each and every day, and we LOVE sharing that experience with you!!!

Take the leap, group or private you’ll be glad you did!!