Author: destinydance

Where do I actually use this stuff?

When learning how to social dance as an adult it can become very tricky to figure out just where to use it. If you are a couple learning together, the living room is always a great place to dance! Throw on some music and jam out together! If you are a single person who has […]

What do I dance at Holiday Parties?

Around this time of year we see a lot of folks coming in for crash courses in social dance to survive the imminent company holiday party. These days they don’t put a ton of focus on dance, but they do…surprisingly…put some serious thought into the DJ. So we have this great music and great atmosphere…but […]

There’s a Swing Dance for That

Swing is a VERY popular dance these days, and has been for decades. However, little known fact, there are SEVERAL types of swing and it is important to know which swing you want to learn before you begin. Before we even begin with differentiating them, lets talk names….So depending on the studio or where you […]

Isn’t that just Waltz and Stuff?

When we tell people we are ballroom dancers, we get a very dreamy reaction from most. The eyes get starry and thoughts of big dancefloors and fancy evening wear flood into their heads. This is usually followed by the spoken regret that they had never learned to ballroom dance, and always wanted to sweep across […]

When do I start my wedding dance lessons?

Okay people, this is a BIG deal!!! The average couple will book their wedding venue around 9 months to 1 year before their wedding date, and will spend 6 to 9 months planning their wedding (some even 18 months, just to have enough time and not go crazy). So most of the time people will […]

How long will it Take for me to get good?

When you come to take dance lessons it is tempting to ask the million dollar question….”how long will this take?”. Well, that is a loaded question. Everyone has their own unique style of learning and retaining information, and this can make it very difficult to determine just how long it will take before you’re the […]