What do I dance at Holiday Parties?

Group of cheerful creative people having fun on Christmas party in the office. Focus is on blond woman.

Around this time of year we see a lot of folks coming in for crash courses in social dance to survive the imminent company holiday party. These days they don’t put a ton of focus on dance, but they do…surprisingly…put some serious thought into the DJ. So we have this great music and great atmosphere…but no dancing. Then we pay a visit to the open bar once or twice and now we’re dancing date night in Denver! So for those of us who still can’t muster up the confidence to get on the dance floor, even with a little liquid courage, we propose a little “one two punch” known as the box step and swing.

Despite what you may think, EVERYONE can do a box step and a basic swing step. These two dances are the essential combo for a great night of dancing at any social gathering AND they come in handy at weddings and other social functions you may find yourself attending. Consider couples dance Lessons in Denver, CO to perfect these steps.

On average, we can get someone proficient in boxes and swing steps in a matter of weeks and have a FANTASTIC time while doing so! Don’t wait until the last minute. Take the lessons, have some fun, gain some confidence at Dance studios near in Denver!